Workshop 3: “People” IHR, London

The third workshop on “Peoples” will take place at the Centre for Metropolitan History at the Institute for Historical Research in London.

The event will be hosted by Professor Matthew Davies, the centre’s director.

This third meeting will provide a forum for the continuation of discussions about inequality and power in the urban population that inevitably arise when we consider the urban political economy.  However, this workshop will carry these themes forward into a broader discussion about the impact on the urban population of life in the globalizing city.  The participants will explore how colonial cities hosted an unprecedented variety of peoples from different parts of the globe and explore the consequences of this cultural diversity.  Indicators of wealth distribution and population growth will also be discussed.  Key speakers will include Jane Mangan on gender in colonial Potosi, Trevor Burnard on urban slavery in the British Caribbean and anthropologist Marina Peterson on urban people and civic performance.

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