The Global City, Past and Present: Workshop 1: “Space”

University of St Andrews, Scotland, 14-15 May 2015

The workshop will take place in the New Seminar Room in St John’s House on South Street.  You can find a map of St Andrews with the approximate location here.


Thursday 14th May

 2.00pm: Welcome and Introduction: Mariana Dantas and Emma Hart

3.15-5.15pm: Panel 1, Shaping Space through Global Connections, Chair: Dr Jaap Jacobs

Dr. Daniel Pasciuti, the Johns Hopkins University (Sociology) “Formation and Reorganization of Urban Space: ‘World Cities’ in Comparative Historical Perspective.”

Dr. Jane Stevens Crawshaw, Oxford Brookes University (History) “Space in the Renaissance Port: Viewing Venice and Genoa through the Lens of the Global City.”

(6.00pm: Drinks and Dinner)

Friday 15th May:

 8.30am-10.30am: Panel 2, Squares and Houses, Chair: Professor Matthew Davies

Elizabeth Rauh, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Art History) “‘The Map of the World’: Early Modern Isfahan and its Dynastic Cityscape.

Professor Richard Kagan, the Johns Hopkins University (History) “Atlantic Places, Imperial Spaces: The Spanish Plaza vs The English Square.”

Sarah Ann Milne, University of Westminster (Architecture & Built Environment) “The Erber: A House Fit for a Merchant.”

10.30-11am: Coffee

 11am-1pm: Panel 3, Water meets Land, Chair: Dr Emma Hart

Professor Louis Nelson, University of Virginia (Architectural History) “On the Waterfront in the Early Modern Atlantic City.”

Professor Christopher Silver, University of Florida (Urban Planning) “The Rivers and the Waterfront: Ecological Spaces in the Development of Jakarta since the Seventeenth Century.”

Professor Mark Peterson, University of California, Berkeley (History) “Water and Walls: The Fortification and De-Fortification of Boston, 1630-1850.”

 1-2pm: Lunch

 2-4pm Panel 4, Culture and Space, Chair: Professor Dennis Rodgers

Dr. Beatriz Garcia, University of Liverpool (Cultural Studies/Policy) “Urban Storytelling: Remembering, Narrating & Re-Connecting Space in Liverpool.

Professor Tai-Lok Lui, Hong Kong Institute of Education (Sociology) “The Chinese Touch in the Emergence of Hong Kong as Global City.”

Nicholas Mithen, European University Institute (History) “Orientalist Communities in Early Modern Naples (1688-1734): Intellectual Communities and Urban Space.

4-4.30pm: Tea

4.30-6pm: Summing up and Concluding Discussions: Professor Carl Nightingale, University at Buffalo, SUNY (Transnational Studies).