IMG_0736Carl Nightingale’s concluding thoughts on space and the global city.  To be continued…..


This new AHRC network has been created to foster a better understanding of the early modern imperial city and its place in the long history of globalization. As well as creating a unique forum for scholars working on the widest possible variety of imperial cities, the network will focus on improving our understanding of the relationship of these historic cities to the modern “global city” and the associated process of globalization. Its international participants come from a wide variety of fields, including history, anthropology, geography, sociology, and art history.

Running from January 2015 for two years, the network’s activities include three thematic workshops focusing on “Space”, “Political Economy”, and “Peoples.” A final workshop will clarify the main findings of the network, which will then be published in an edited volume of essays. The third workshop in London will be accompanied by a public lecture on the idea of the global city, past, present, and future.

This website will be updated regularly with news of events and participants, as well as calls for papers for the workshops.